Day 2 – Malabrigo infinity scarf finally finished!

Didn’t get any knitting done. I was hoping to get the baby blanket I’ve been working on for MONTHS done by this week; don’t think that’s going to happen! But, I did fit in 30 minutes of cardio in and finally blocked the Pont Neuf Infinity Scarf using malabrigo rios- aguas. It took me a while to find the perfect pattern and eventually I gave up and just decided to knit the next infinity scarf pattern I found. Since malabrigo looks completely different (to me at least) on the skein than knitted up, I was a little worried about it looking sock-ish. But here it is! Blocked and pinned, drying on my blocking mats! Hopefully it’s dry by tomorrow morning 🙂



Well hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to finish that blanket, clean out my closet, fit in some cardio and work on the lace infinity scarf I’ve been ignoring for the past month.

– Knitful Thinking


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