Day 3 – going through the yarn stash

So I haven’t been very good about writing everyday but I’ll maybe shoot for every week? While I was on my mini vacation in San Francisco, I had a whole day to discover the city on my own. Of course on my to do list was to find a local yarn shop as there are only two in Anchorage. Lucky me! 10 minutes away was ArtFibers nothing but beautiful hand spun yarns!

20120511-221314.jpg I apologize for the poor quality, I am using an iPad 2 and dont have the fancy camera the new one has.
My purchase: 600 yards of lace weight CAMUSE yarn, a blend of camel and cashmere. I still don’t have a project but I’m leaning towards a summer shawl. Prior to my purchase, I told myself- no more buying yarn without a planned project! But hey, I was on vacation and there was no way I was going to leave empty handed!
Well I’ve got two basset hounds to attend to.

20120511-221718.jpg Miss Guinevere

20120511-221747.jpg & Merlin.

Puppies + Yarn + Needles = not a very good mix but I am in love with both!

Hopefully next post I will have a project for my lovely yarn!

– Knitful Thinking


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